It is more than a company.
It is our passion.


What we do is accompanied by limitless passion. Couldn’t be different with the case of our technical director, who proudly represents Kamet S.A. taking part in professional car rallies.

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Michał Schmidt

Technical Director at Kamet S.A.
After work he changes his business outfit to a professional racing suit and fights for the success representing the Kamet Rally Team.

At the heart of the interior

Professionalism and attention to detail is very important to us. In this spirit we designed our spaces – to meet our high requirements and the individual needs of every department. We engaged Husarska Design Studio to help us in the design process. We believe that while striving for excellence the close partnership with the world’s renowned designers is necessary. We were to ensure comfortable working conditions for our team. Our people and their needs are the priority to us and this assumption has been reflected in the new Kamet interior design.

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Concert hall project

Interiors of Kamet are full of surprises. The greatest of them is a professional concert hall you can find inside the Kamet plant. This unique place invites outstanding musicians from all around the world.

About the design

Jadwiga Husarska-Sobina

A world-renowned designer, winner of multiple international awards. Founder of Husarska design studio.
The author of the project of the Delivie Concert Hall within the interiors of Kamet S.A.

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