Bus Industry

Bus Industry

With increasing road traffic and faster vehicle speeds, buses are becoming a safer means of travel. That is why we use high-strength aluminum in the safety zones for means of mass transport. As a non-corrosive and lightweight material, it perfectly complements composite technologies when creating solutions for e-mobility and good heat dissipation and strength make the aluminum able for use in ecological transport.

Our competence in joining and bending metal elements allows us to offer a wide range of components for the transportation industry. For the largest brands of this market that are looking for modern, efficient and light methods of joining metal elements, we use the hot or cold bonding process, also with the use of spacers. We have been producing the highest quality fuel flaps, wheel arches, tanks and hatches for many years.

Kamet is a development partner of the largest automotive companies. Working closely with the engineering departments of our clients, we develop and implement new innovative technologies and products. Technology makes the vehicles safer, more energy efficient and beautiful. The reach of our supply chain is global – it covers all the largest economies in the world.

We design a lighter world

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