European Union funds

KAMET SPOŁKA AKCYJNA is currently implementing two projects

Project name: “Designing and starting the production of home based parcelBOxes for individual use with special facilities for disabled people
Contract number: POIR.02.03.05-16-0019 / 21-00
Project value: PLN 329 640.00
Contribution of European Funds: PLN 227,800.00 support intensity 85%

Project objective:  The purpose of the project in question is to implement into the Applicant’s offer a new design project of ergonomic, home based parcelBOxes for individual use, adapted to the needs of the elderly and disabled people in the range of e.g., motor organs. This will allow diversifying the company’s offer and enter the new – product sales markets with its own product, increasing the advantage over the existing competition. The implementation of a new design project will be preceded by a professional design process consisting of 3 elements: a preliminary audit of the company, confirming the legitimacy of the project, development of a strategy of
activities necessary to work out a new design project, and, consequently, the development of a new, prototype product, which is the first intermediate project goal. The indirect goal no. 2 is to obtain a professional advice at the stage of implementation for the production of new home based parcelBOXes .

Planned effects: The effect of the implemented project will be the INDIVIDUAL, HOME BASED PARCELBOX WITH FACILITIES for people with reduced mobility and vision problems.

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Project name: “Retrofitting the R&D Department and development of an innovative, modular
aluminium joinery of internal structures for rail vehicles”

Co-financing agreement number: RPOP.01.01.00-16-0005 / 20-00

Project objective: The main objective of the project is to increase the company’s competitiveness by developing an innovative modular aluminium joinery of internal structures for rail vehicles. Thus, the purpose of the project is to create wide market opportunities, and hence to maximize the potential of the functioning research and development department and development of a product adequate to the requirements and market demand. In addition, the project is to strengthen the company being at the next stage of market expansion, by supporting the investment and research process, what in turn will enable achieving the market success in the form of strengthening the company’s market position.

Planned effects: The increased research and development activity of companies, as the project will result in an increase in employment in the R&D department of the applicant and development of a product innovation will take place in the form of an innovative modular aluminium joinery of internal structures for rail vehicles. In addition, the R&D project will increase the research activity of the company, gain new scientific experience and contribute to the implementation of further research projects based on the results of the subject project. Additionally, as a result of the completion of the project in question, the results of the research will be disseminated by presenting them at scientific conferences or by publishing them in the specialist scientific journals. As a result of the increased R&D activity of the company, the expenditure on research and development activities of the subject will increase.
Total value of the project: PLN 1,336,726.99
Co-financing of the project from the EU: PLN 624,600.09

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