If you could describe Delivié using just one sentence, it would be designer outdoor furniture.

While creating our products, we ask ourselves: what would we like to do with them…

Read books? Make love? Stare at the night sky?

We are looking for answers to these questions with people whose imagination is surprising.

That’s well-known Polish designers: Tomasz Augustyniak (Limeryk, Foton), Paweł Grobelny (Arc and Circle collections), MOWOstudio (Molo collection), Jan Kochańsk (Radar and Swing collections), Natasza Sałańska and Dawid Żebrowski.

We transferred all the values ​​that distinguish the Kamet factory to Delivié products: attention to every detail and the use of the highest quality materials.

All Delivié products are manufactured entirely in Poland, in our factory.

Work on the product is the result of careful, mostly handcraft work of a group of specialists in the field of welding, grinding, bending and painting.

Delivié products use the highest quality materials such as Corian and teak wood.

This makes the furniture durable and surprising with its unique style.


Delivié products have been recognized in local and international design competitions and have been presented at international exhibitions.

At Delivié, we build a special type of cooperation with the designers: we invest in their vision, giving them as much creative freedom as possible. The designs are embedded in relationships based on trust and mutual understanding of each other’s expectations. We believe that this approach pays off with the creation of unique products such as Paweł Grobelny’s bench designed especially for the EU district in Strasbourg, right next to the European Parliament.

If, however, someone was looking for our projects on the domestic market, Paweł Grobelny’s Arc bench is on permanent display at the National Museum in Warsaw.

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