Advanced Structural Connection System for Train Ceilings

Drawing from our years of experience in mechanical engineering, we introduce an innovative structural connection system for creating ceiling modules in trains. It is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence and growth in the industry.

This system ensures easy and fast assembly and disassembly of ceiling components, which translates to greater flexibility and functionality of the train interior. It comprises two key elements: connectors and profiles. Connectors, designed with utmost precision, provide a stable and secure connection of profiles, which form the foundation for ceiling elements such as lighting or speaker systems.

A distinguishing feature of our system is its modularity. It allows the adaptation of ceiling modules to various interior dimensions of the wagons. In case of malfunctions or modernization needs, the system also facilitates quick replacement of individual segments.

Thanks to meticulous design and ergonomic focus, the assembly of our modules is intuitive and does not require specialized tools. The components are easy to transport and store, accelerating and facilitating the entire assembly process. Ultimately, our structural connection system represents innovation and advanced solutions perfectly addressing the needs of both train manufacturers and firms specializing in train car modernization.

We proudly announce that this project is supported by European Funds titled “Equipping the R&D Department and developing innovative, modular aluminum joinery for internal structures for rail vehicles”. Contract number for co-financing RPOP.01.01.00-16-0005/20-00. Details about the funding and our innovative initiative can be found by clicking the link below.

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